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Black Stories/19: Blake Lynch

Director of Culture and Creative Content, Blake Lynch, joins Media Producer Justin James Lopez to discuss rejection and receiving critical feedback. Let's hear his story!


A Bridge Between Design and Engineering

How do we develop more cohesive partnership across business functions at Amazon? We explore this with James Catalano and Monica Alexander.


Meet Natalia

Visual Designer, Buy with Prime

Let's meet Natalia Montalvo, Visual Designer for Buy with Prime, as we learn about her passion for learning, digital content creation, and how she utilizes her skills in and out of the workplace!


Elevating Design Summit: Inspiring Design Excellence

In the fall of 2022, design executives from various companies gathered in Seattle for Amazon Design’s Elevating Design Summit.


Black Stories/18: Audrey Bennett

Graphic Design Scholar, Audrey Bennett, joins Media Producer, Justin James Lopez, to discuss the importance of representation, RE-presentation, and shifting cultural narratives. Let’s hear her Story!


Black Stories/17: Teran Evans

Global Head of Brand Design, Teran Evans, joins Media Producer Justin James Lopez to discuss humility and the use of failures as a developmental resource. Let's hear his story!


Meet Byron

VP of Design and Creative, Amazon Music

Let's meet Byron Merritt, Amazon Music’s VP of Design and Creative, as we learn about his journey into design, what drew him to Amazon, and his excitement about the future of Amazon Music


Backstories/01: Amazon Astro's Voice?

This episode features host, Donald Burlock Jr., and guests, Chelsea Titus and Mike Forst as they discuss how the team decided on the sound design behind Amazon Astro. Let's hear their story!


Meet Jon M.

Jon Madison, Senior Design Technologist for Amazon Search, is a photography and music aficionado. He incorporates the mantra "art without an audience doesn't have a purpose" in his work every day.


Listen to Lead

Kristin Turner is a design leader fascinated by the complexities of “how people make decisions”. She shares perspective on how leaders can influence and motivate their creative teams.


Cloudscape Open Source Design System

After six years of research and hard work, we’re excited to announce the open source launch of the AWS Cloudscape Design System! Read on to learn about how we approached the creation process...


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