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Black Stories/32: Amber Davis

Director of UX Research for Audible, Amber Davis, meet producer, Justin James Lopez, to discusses the importance of knowing your worth and how to negotiate effectively. Let's hear her story...


Meet Brian B.

Senior manager of UX, Delivery Experience

Let's meet Brian Barclay, Senior manager of UX for Amazon's Delivery Experience Team


Amazon x Diversify by Design

Let's learn more about the collaboration between Amazon and the Diversify by Design coalition in creating the Design= program and curriculum.


Meet Rob

Director, Futures Design

Let's meet Rob Strong, Director of Futures Design for Amazon's Devices and Design Group


BackStories/02: Electrifying the Amazon Fleet

This episode features host Khalen Morehead Tirthankar Sengupta and Jackie Chang as we explore the how Amazon and Rivian partnered to reimagine an electric vehicle fleet.


Backstories/01: Amazon Astro's Voice?

This episode features host, Donald Burlock Jr., and guests, Chelsea Titus and Mike Forst as they discuss how the team decided on the sound design behind Amazon Astro. Let's hear their story!


Meet James

Senior Manager, Design & Engineering, EC2

Let's meet James Gray, Senior Manager overseeing Design and Engineering teams on EC2 in South Africa.


Black Stories/31: Cassandra Morrissey

Content Designer, Cassandra Morrissey, joins Host Justin James Lopez, to discuss the power of vulnerability and how to leverage your network to develop yourself. Let's hear her story!


Meet Jon M.

Jon Madison, Senior Design Technologist for Amazon Search, is a photography and music aficionado. He incorporates the mantra "art without an audience doesn't have a purpose" in his work every day.


Setting The Trend For Design Leaders

Avery Oldt is the Head of Design & Research at Amazon Fashion. We chatted with him to understand the unique ways he leads and how he champions the work of his team. Let's learn his story...


Cloudscape Open Source Design System

After six years of research and hard work, we’re excited to announce the open source launch of the AWS Cloudscape Design System! Read on to learn about how we approached the creation process...


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