Explore the voices of our diverse design community through Amazon Design's Analog profile series.

Meet Jon M.

Jon Madison, Senior Design Technologist for Amazon Search, is a photography and music aficionado. He incorporates the mantra "art without an audience doesn't have a purpose" in his work every day.

Meet Corey

Amazon Game Studios Director of UX & UI

Amazon Game Studios Director of UX & UI, Corey Dangel's hobbies—all involving creative problem solving and craft—make him better at his job.

Meet Britt

Global Creative Director, AWS

As a Global Creative Director for AWS and a cellist, Britt Barran-Stanley explores the parallels of delighting customers through storytelling to that of delighting audiences through music.

Meet Chris

Principal Sound Designer Chris Seifert sees Amazon Design growing, and getting better, at the same time.

Meet Amy A.

Vice President of Product Design at Workday

One of Amy Armock's, Vice President of Product Design at Workday, many passions includes building a diverse pipeline of future designers and helping them explore their creativity through design.

Meet Luz

Her hobby—collecting hobbies—helps satisfy Sr. UX Designer Luz Bratcher's deep desire to try new things.

Meet Olivia

Classically trained animator and Sr. UX Motion Designer Olivia Janik pursues a rich mix of digital and analog art.