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A Design and Research Journey...

Amazon’s Last Mile team spent two and a half weeks in Europe researching Amazon’s global package delivery processes. We talked with Justin Schafer, Sr. UX designer who gave us details about the trip.

There And Back Again!

Why do people leave Amazon and choose to return? Let's learn from Jim Dantzler and Kris Bell on their reason to 'Boomerang'...

Cloudscape Open Source Design System

After six years of research and hard work, we’re excited to announce the open source launch of the AWS Cloudscape Design System! Read on to learn about how we approached the creation process...

Creating Space For Inclusion

We recently connected with Brendan Gramer, UX Leader and President of Amazon People with Disabilities affinity group (AmazonPwD), to discuss how AmazonPwD has impacted inclusive design at Amazon.

Alexa's Space Upgrade

That’s right! Alexa is headed to space and I was able to speak with one of the designers, Justin Nikolaus, that’s helping to build that experience.

Why Not Me?


What do I do for Work?

Take a peek behind the curtain of Design at Amazon through the eyes of children as Amazon Designers, Researchers, and Writers ask the children in their lives "what do I do for work?"

Welcome to Amazon Design!

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Connecting Through Sound

Creating Amazon's pioneering voice service for the home—and other shared environments.

Going Full Circle

How fresh, design-led thinking produced the lovable Echo Spot.