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A Bridge Between Design and Engineering

How do we develop more cohesive partnership across business functions at Amazon? We explore this with James Catalano and Monica Alexander.

Listen to Lead

Kristin Turner is a design leader fascinated by the complexities of “how people make decisions”. She shares perspective on how leaders can influence and motivate their creative teams.

Setting The Trend For Design Leaders

Avery Oldt is the Head of Design & Research at Amazon Fashion. We chatted with him to understand the unique ways he leads and how he champions the work of his team. Let's learn his story...

Cloudscape Open Source Design System

After six years of research and hard work, we’re excited to announce the open source launch of the AWS Cloudscape Design System! Read on to learn about how we approached the creation process...

Drawing a Path to UX

Design leader Julia Blum takes us back to the start of her career as an aspiring artist and discusses how her passion for art unfolded her path to UX Design.

Alexa's Space Upgrade

That’s right! Alexa is headed to space and I was able to speak with one of the designers, Justin Nikolaus, that’s helping to build that experience.

Bringing Humanity Into The Customer Experience

Meet Doug Cerny, Sr. UX Designer on Amazon’s Buy with Prime team with 15+ years of experience in systems thinking, Human Factors, UX, design, and research. Let's learn his story...

Improving Your Soft Skills: A Design Problem to Solve

Design Leader Laura Martin shares 6 soft skills for navigating one of the most important design problems you may face: your development.

Creating Space For Inclusion

We recently connected with Brendan Gramer, UX Leader and President of Amazon People with Disabilities affinity group (AmazonPwD), to discuss how AmazonPwD has impacted inclusive design at Amazon.

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Connecting Through Sound

Creating Amazon's pioneering voice service for the home—and other shared environments.

Going Full Circle

How fresh, design-led thinking produced the lovable Echo Spot.